CBD Products: Yeah or Nay?

By October 1, 2019Body

CBD Products: Yay or Nay?

CBD products are taking the country by storm. They have been promoted to aid in everything from anxiety and depression to acne and heart disease. Many wonder about its safety and others question its association with the cannabis plant. Understanding how CBD works can be confusing and for those who want an in depth discussion of its properties and effect on different CB receptors as well as its influence on the endocannabinoid system I will refer you to cbdschool.com. Simply explained the endocannabinoid system is designed to maintain a homeostatic balance in your body making sure all systems are in balance with each other. CBD has been shown to have a favorable effect on this system. This is one of the reasons it has such widespread applications.

CBD is derived from the resins of the cannabis flower and has been used as a medicine for literally thousands of years. While THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana is also derived from the cannabis flower it is important to distinguish that CBD products do not produce the characteristic “high” or euphoric feeling that THC does. This is due to the ingredients of each effecting different receptors in the brain.

As a general rule the majority of CBD products are safe and can effectively be used by adults and children for a variety of issues. There are however some precautions that should be considered when using these products. Despite the fact that CBD is mostly safe and therapeutic there may be some unwanted side effects when combined with other drugs you take regularly. These include heart medications, anti-anxiety medications such as BuSpar, any medication that warns against being taken with grapefruit and certain blood pressure medications. For more information and interactive descriptions or to check the possible interactions with specific medications you currently take go to cdbsafely.com.

Another significant safety concern is the limited regulation of the manufacturing of CBD products. It has become a booming industry and as of yet fairly unregulated. This has led to a number of less than scrupulous pop-up companies attempting to capitalize on the lack of regulations. If you decided to purchase CBD products it is essential that a reputable company has manufactured the products. I would suggest you use caution when tempted to buy it at your hairdressers or a gym or other places that are not certified retailers of the product. This is not to imply in any way that these institutions don’t have reputable products but it is important that you are certain of its source and the products credibility before purchasing.

The issue of course with the lack of regulation is that what is listed on the ingredients may be less or more potent than what is represented. Most people unwittingly assume it will be less than what is listed but in a recent study of multiple products including oils, edibles and creams 30% contained more than the listed ingredients. For most adults this generally doesn’t present too much of an issue but for children it could potentially cause significant problems. As with all medications weight is the critical component in dosing. With children who may weigh any where from 35 to 100 pounds the higher doses have the potential for complications. A 2017 study by Bonn-Miller found that 7 out of 10 products did not contain the amount of extract listed on the label therefore diligence in checking out the product you are considering is critical especially if you will be administering to children.

All things considered CBD oil has many very favorable effects with little to no side effects. Before deciding to try CBD it is important to check with your doctor for any negative side effects that my interfere or complicate the medications you are currently taking. Surveys of CBD users have reported favorable effects in reducing pain, anxiety, depression and a whole host of other disorders. Personally I have found it effective for knee pain. If you elect to try CBD oil exercise good judgment, check with your doc and be the wise soul you are.

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