Prior to beginning any treatment program your adrenal function should be evaluated by a well-qualified practitioner. The most common test that is utilized to evaluate adrenal function is a 4-sample saliva study known as the “adrenal stress index” or ASI. This test indicates cortisol levels and their corresponding circadian rhythms. Cortisol levels are highest in the morning and then should decline throughout the day. One of the first indications of adrenal dysfunction is the disruption of the circadian rhythm. Additionally, this test measures the cortisol-DHEA correlation, which is another important factor in determining the direction of your treatment.

Once your adrenal function has been properly assessed, a treatment program can be designed to meet your individual issues. This often includes the use of adrenal adaptogens, protomorphogens and certain herbal considerations such as Siberian ginseng, withania, rhodiola, high-grade licorice (not twizzlers!) etc. It is imperative to understand the level of your adrenal function so that proper treatment is administered.